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5 Must Have Baby Clothes in a Newborn’s Wardrobe


Most new parents make a common mistake. They think buying baby clothes is very simple. Since there are a lot of gorgeous and cute outfits available in the market, parents think they can never go wrong. However, with a wide range of styles and designs to choose from, it may be a bit overwhelming.

Baby clothing is a necessity for every new parent. In order to keep your baby looking good and comfortable, you need to choose the right kind of clothes. For the first few weeks, you just need 5 different pieces of clothing for your baby. These 5 must have baby clothes have been discussed below.

Bodysuits and T-shirts

This is one of the most obvious choices. However, since it’s so obvious, there are many parents who forget to buy baby bodysuits! There’s no need to get overwhelmed by a lot of different prints and styles. For the first few weeks at home, plain white will be perfect, but if you’re after something more colourful, try an Olive and Moss bodysuit. However, it is always better to buy a kimono style bodysuit for more comfort. It is also good for umbilical cord care.

It is also worth mentioning that you should purchase bodysuits in 3-6 months. This is because not a lot of babies can fit into 0-3 months size after just a few weeks. If your budget allows and you want to give more comfort to your baby, you can buy some in smaller size, and the rest in larger.

Pajamas and Booties

Regardless of the season in which your baby is born, he or she will sleep for around 18 hours every day. Therefore, you need to buy baby clothes which keep your baby comfortable. For warm weather, you should choose one-piece, thin cotton sleepers. You can also buy bag sleepers which look quite similar to nightgowns. However, they have a basic closure across the bottom.

For cold weather, you should choose heavy footed pajamas. These are commonly called blanket sleepers. While buying pajamas, you need to choose something which buttons. If possible, you should avoid zippers as your baby’s sensitive areas may get stuck in the zip during a diaper change.

Shoes, Socks and Hat

When you’re out of your home, you definitely want your baby’s little feet comfortable and warm. You also want baby clothes which can keep your baby’s head protected from extreme weather. Therefore, you need to buy shoes which are soft soled. Slip ons are always a better choice. They can be easily worn with or without any socks. While buying socks, you should always choose cotton. It is a natural fiber and feels soft on the baby’s skin.

For warm weather, head protection for your baby needs to include sun hats, baseball caps and cotton beanies. On the other hand, for cold weather, you need ear flaps and button or tie closures to make sure flaps stay in place and offer maximum protection to your baby.

Baby Outerwear

While buying baby clothes, you may be quite confused when choosing baby outerwear. This is one of the most tricky areas of baby clothing. It is important to understand that baby outerwear is a learning experience. Therefore, you don’t need to be very hard on yourself. If you don’t get it right the first time, you will gradually learn.

When it comes to baby outerwear, layers are extremely important. An extra layer can be the difference between a frustrated and happy baby. These days, you can choose from a wide range of styles and designs for baby outerwear.

For cold weather, you should buy hooded, zip up sweatshirts or cotton jackets which can be easily layered. This will keep your baby comfortable. For warm weather, you will need sunglasses, hats with UPF and swimwear for your baby.

Everyday Wear

While buying everyday wear baby clothes, you need to focus on simplicity. You should buy clothes which can give you easy access to diaper changes. Some good choices can be side snap shirts, coveralls and slip on pants. They make it easier for you to clean your baby. You won’t have to constantly pull clothes over your baby’s head. While buying everyday wear clothes like sleepwear and bodysuits, you should buy around 7-10 items. A new born can get quite messy quickly. Therefore, you don’t want to do laundry daily. You need to have some options in the wardrobe, such as the Tractor Ted range provide.

These days, you can easily shop for baby clothes on the Internet. There are many reputed sellers which offer high quality baby clothing at affordable prices. When your children get older, great brands such as Little Joules will look great on them.

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